Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Writing Contest!

Attention Fantasy/Science Fiction Writers!

Here's a cool writing contest to enter. Follow the link below for all the rules and information. Sounds fun! Good luck, everybody.

"Dear Lucky Agent" Contest Fantasy and Sci-Fi

Writing News

Remember that young adult fantasy novel I mentioned earlier? I entered it in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest and it made it all the way to the semifinals! You could have knocked me over with a feather (heh heh). I never expected it to make it through the first round, let alone this far and I'm thrilled.

I've got a new nonfiction book coming out next year from Barbour Books. The title (unless it changes between now and then) is Simple Tips and Inspiration for Knitters. Talk about fun to write - I love to knit so this was really an exciting project. Can't wait to see it in print.

Bird News

The baby wrens living on the front porch grew up and decided to leave the nest recently. They were so precious; little bundles of scruffy feathers perching precariously on the edge of the nest, wobbling back and forth, desperately flapping their wings when a sibling tried to shove them out. The parents kept calling to them and tempting them with juicy worms. Finally, the urge to fly (and eat) took over and each one launched into the air.

Three headed for the big cypress at the end of the porch where the parents waited, but one tiny Wrong-Way Joe headed in the opposite direction. It took me a few minutes to catch the little guy, but finally I scooped him up and carried him to the edge of the woods where the rest of the family had gathered. There was a little excitement as the young ones wobbled and flapped, still not quite able to control their wings. At last, they all made it up into a pine tree and from there followed the parents off into the woods. Awesome.

Enough rambling for now. Take care, everybody, and happy writing!


Frank Baron said...

Anne, dear, you really have to let your FRIENDS KNOW WHEN YOU'VE DECIDED TO RE-BLOG!!


Congrats on the semifinal placement and the new book! You go, girl! :)

But I must say, I was just as happy to hear the nice ending to your last story. It's a blessing to be part of something like that, as I'm certain you know. Godblessya' Anne.

20th Century Woman said...

Enjoyed your blog. I like to write and I watch birds, but not with any real system. I just watch them and think about their lives and mine and dinosaurs and evolution. Stuff like that.

Carol & Stacy said...

Hello, we love your topics and wanted to pass on a blogging award to you. We can see you haven't posted in awhile. We hope our award will inspire you to keep sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for Frank. He has your blog on his and I decided to check them all out. Of course, it may take me a day or too to get to all of them, but I know they'll all be fun blogs to read. See? I wasn't wrong, love yours. Interesting things to learn reading blogs, I didn't know you knitted. You will let us know when the book is available, right? I don't knit, but I know people who do, and it will be a great gift (I can read it before gifting,right?).

Frank Baron said...

Don't think there can be much argument Anne:

You're overdue for a new entry or four. :)

Frank Baron said...


How about dropping me an email?5340