Friday, August 31, 2007

A long time coming....

But I'm back!
We're just emerging from a loooong stretch of 100 degree-plus weather. It's been brutal! And there's been no relief from this drought--it's the worst in Alabama history. But it's rained off and on for a few days now, the temps have dropped and it's finally bearable outside. I'm sooo ready for fall.

It's been difficult to keep enough water in the birdbath. I have to check it several times a day to make sure that the water hasn't all been splashed out by overheated doves, cardinals, American goldfinches, blue jays and assorted other feathered creatures. On the days when the temperatures soared to more than 100 degrees, I had to add water several times a day to make up for the evaporation. I couldn't stand the thought of any of the birds going thirsty or being unable to enjoy refreshing baths. They showed their appreciation by gathering at the freshly filled birdbath, drinking deeply, bathing, and sometimes just sitting there with their feet in the water.

The bluebirds abandoned their third (or was it their fourth?) nest. I believe it was just too hot for them. But I did get to see several of the youngsters from the earlier go-rounds and that was wonderful. The male was all for starting a new nest in the house at the end of the porch but the female was having none of that! Can't say that I blame her. It was just too dang hot to sit inside a stuffy birdhouse all the time.

Family News
My grandson Bailey started kindergarten! I can't believe my little blond haired, blue eyed boy is that big. He's so thrilled and excited; he sings his newly learned school songs to me over the telephone and tells me all about what he does at school, right down to what he had for lunch. The animation and happiness in his voice is so sweet to hear. I'm so relieved that he is enjoying school so much. (His mother sure didn't. LOL)

Upcoming News
There'll be some writing news coming up soon so stay tuned! Until then, take good care of yourselves and be well. :)